Updated Promotional Piece

Here are the newly updated pages from my self promo piece, designed by the hand of the Doctor himself. I had to make a few small changes to the third page, and while I was in there, I added the new image of my surgical tools at the bottom there. I'm very pleased overall with this piece and will begin sending it out again soon.


Ninon said...

Really beautiful design!! Sheer eye candy. And convincing too :)
Layout is quite important. (That's why I hate ugly book covers, for example. And then I have a soft spot for beautiful ones...)

The Doctor said...

Thanks so much, I've gotten alot of positive feedback on this so far.

Did you perchance see the piece I did for 'Daniel Boone'?

Ninon said...

Oh yes! I liked that one too. But this is even better.

Anonymous said...

That looks wonderful. Such nice layout and pictures.