I had made plans to attend the first instructional weekend hosted by the Army of the Geographer on Rock Hill Farm in Mercersberg, Penn. last year, but was unable to attend when my travel companion announced at the last minute that he would be unable to make the voyage.

Even though it was to be bitterly cold in that part of the country, we were to be put up in the old farm house there on the property. I even had a heavy wool overshirt made so as to combat the cold. I made good use of said overshirt at the Feb.y militia muster at Mansker's Station last year.

My attempts to teach myself the art of Surveying have met with poor results and much frustration. I purchased Mr. S. Wyld's treatise entitled 'The Practical Surveyor', and have met with no success. Mr. Wyld's writings are those of a man who knows well what he is doing, but has no idea how the relate it to others via the written word. I am equally as flumoxed by his drawings. I think that it may be that it was originally penned in 1725, the language being such that my father might well have understood it, but I find it to be a bit antiquated.

In creating my schedule for this present year, I have discovered that the Army of the Geographer is planning to hold another of their 'institutes' in Jan.ry of next year. Therefore, I have decided to attempt the trip again in order to learn this elusive art. Perhaps if I have those that are knowledgeable to teach me, I will be able to pick it up. Otherwise I fear that I will never learn how to properly measure off land.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I’m the camera obscura guy. I ran a survey crew setting section corners, drainage, and the elevation and points for building new bridges long before the tools went electronic. Before you start your surveying studies...How are your basic orienteering skills? I would not think about running a survey line until you master orienteering.

The Doctor said...

Greetings Camera Obscura guy! I remember you, how goes it?

Orienteering? Oh dear, I have to learn how to do a new thing before I can learn to Survey?

Drat! Pray, tell me more about this 'orienteering'.

Anonymous said...

I actually had to look up 'orienteering', my curiosity would not rest until I did. "navigate from pt. to pt. in diverse & usually unfamilair terrian", (wikipedia)so does traveling hours and over a 100 miles in dense MI fog, returning unscathed allow you to at least pass orienteering 101? respectfully, MI fan (the fog has long since past, now dealing w/minus 4 degrees)

The Doctor said...

Well then, if traveling in the thick fog and snow is a qualifier... I would imagine that I am now an 'expert' at orienteering!

Thanks for the explanation MI fan! :)