The Ball Forceps

The Doctor shows off one of the tools in his medical kit. This clip is taken from a talk given in Sept. 2010 for the guests at the 'Long Run Massacre'. Special thanks to Graphic Enterprises for the great footage.

Doctor as Soldier

On Saturday, Jan 15th, I was asked to march with the men from Fort Loudoun in the Inaugural Parade for new Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam. This was my first outing as a soldier in uniform. It was very enjoyable.

Ensign Boggs at the head of the line of men.

Can you find the Doctor? He's not in his usual place!

Shadow Portraits

Click on image to enlarge and see the glorious, hand cut details

You may, dear reader, recall the Christmas portraits I had made of the girls that I gifted to their grandparents. There was Lucy (in her straw hat), Molly, and Rose and little Sophia whose portrait had to be done by mail.

These beautiful hand cut portraits were done by Mrs. Anne Leslie of Shadow Portraits, who was professional, fast, and had a fantastic eye for catching the human form with scissors and paper. The three older girls were with me when we met Mrs. Leslie at New Boston two years ago.

I was informed last night by a mutual friend that Anne Leslie passed away in October.

I love the portraits of my girls that she created, they really are like little black snapshots of my children from that event. Lucy in the straw hat she was so proud of, Molly's little mouth before her braces, Rosie with her bob haircut growing out and Sophie, chin up slightly in defiance, not wanting to sit still at all. Mrs. Leslie captured them so perfectly. I put them all together in one frame for myself and gifted the copies. I will treasure them always.

Thank you Mrs. Leslie for the fine work, and Godspeed.

From the talk on the 16th

This clip is taken from a talk given in Jan. 2011 to the JASNA Louisville chapter with over 50 in attendance.