Boonesborough Trade Fair

Lucy has very clearly stated that she will NOT be sharing the Six Shillings with me, and Rose will not be sharing her pay as Sheriff with me. And to make matters worse, young mister Fischer, who was consigned to be my new apprentice ran off after the Court Session was over! I have legal papers, and by jove I'll sue!

The Raid in images, part II

Molly, the Doctor's Daughter.
The battle is on!
Molly, kidnapped!

After standing and walking for prolong'd periods, I soaked my feet to get some relief. By Lucy R.
After the first attack by the Indians, the settlers stay close to the station.
After 8pm, the natives attack again. By Ken Bentley
The Militia fires a volley as the sun sets. By Ken Bentley
Thanks to everyone who shared their fantastic images with me, and generally helped to make the trip to Martin's a fantastic experience for myself, the girls AND the Governess.

Additional images may be found in Mr & Mrs Cumming's journal.

The Raid at Martin's Station in images

Our little house upon the frontier. By Ken Bentley
The flowers I pick'd in the field and placed on the shelf. By Ken Bentley
Lucy and her Governess seated outside the cabin. By Ken Bentley
Paying a visit to the Martin Cabin. By Ken Bentley
A gathering at Brice Martin's Home. By Ken Bentley
Molly threatens with a piece of cane she's found. By Lucy R.
The view up the hill. By Lucy R.
Notices posted on the door of the Common House. By Lucy R.

The Girls playing 'graces' with the neighbor. By Lucy R.
A gathering of neighbours. By Ken Bentley
Rose and Sophia kidnapped!
The Doctor's daughters and their Governess taken prisoner.
The natives discuss what to do with their captives. By Russ Young
There is discussion of 'marrying off' the poor Governess. By Russ Young
Her fate, unknown...
Meanwhile, at the station, the Doctor tends the wounded. By Amy Johnson
The Surgeon's Mate. By Amy Johnson
Surgery upon the wounded. By Amy Johnson
To be continued...

The Raid at Martin's video

Video page updated (Finally)

You may be interested to know, fair reader, that I have finally gotten around to updating the VIDEO page here in the journal. Please feel free to examine it at your leisure.