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I shall encourage you, my fair reader, to have a look at the logs of the men aboard the HMS Acasta (circa 1800-1810), a ship of His Majesty's Royal Navy. It is the log of the Travels and Adventures of some of the Royal Tars of Old England. The Journal includes biographies of the Crew, details of the Ship herself and the current logs of all her adventures at sea. A fine lot of gentlemen if I do say so myself!
I created all the custom graphics for the "HMS Acasta" blog in a very similar manner as my own. If you are interested in having me help you create a blog of your own for a small (and very reasonable) fee, contact me today!

Images from Long Run

Images from the Long Run Massacre have been posted to the journal of Mr. and Mrs. Cummings. 

The Death of the Doctor

The Doctor and the Governess attended the Long Run Massacre event hosted by the Painted Stone Settlers on the weekend of September 9-11 in Shelbyville, Kentucky. The event was a recreation of events that occurred in 1781.

Both performed for the benefit of the publick. The Governess gave a talk about women's fashions on Sunday afternoon and the Doctor performed demonstrations on the Art & Mystery of Surgery on both days.

A native holds the Doctor's hair aloft!
During the final battle reenactment on Sunday afternoon for the public, the Doctor and the Governess were killed by the local savage... the natives even going so far as to take the poor Doctor's wig from his head.

Never you fear intrepid readers, the Doctor and the Governess aren't gone for good. The Long Run Massacre represents their final appearances in public for the remainder of the year.

It's been a good run, but I'm tired, and ready for the break from the wig. In the meantime, be sure to have a look at some of my OTHER projects:

Join us for some Jane Austen era fun in Tennessee!

The NEXT Doctor's adventures in the Royal Navy during the years between 1800-1810.

The NEXT Doctor's adventures after his retirement from the Royal Navy and move to the United States.

...to be continued...

Get 'Undressed'


Be it the Colonial era (1750-1790) or the Regency period (1800-1820), Miss Waterman's discussions of fashion and the clothing of the time makes sense out of what women wore. Miss Waterman's talk begins fully dressed in the clothing of the desired period, and as each layer is removed she shares the origins, reasons and historical anecdotes for each article.

Age old questions about the 'why' and even 'how' certain garments were worn are answered in this educational and entertaining presentation, suitable for all audiences.

Miss Waterman offers a 45 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute Q & A session.

Find out more about her presentations
on her website by CLICKING HERE.

To Book Performances of
for your next meeting or event,
please contact Miss Waterman:

A very busy schedule!

Greetings again gentle reader. If you have a keen eye, you may have noticed that I have made a few alterations to the journal before you in recent days. Never fear, it is only my attempt to remove clutter and make it function in a more efficient manner. I have made some additions to the SCHEDULE page and made some graphic modifications to the PRAISE page with the hope of making more changes to it in the near future.

A scene from my Nashborough visit.
My trip to Fort Nashborough was hot, but fruitful, in that it allowed me to serve the grand old site, as well as make a few business connections and visit with friends.

I have discover'd the hiding place of my copy of DOMESTIC MEDICINE! Having sent Lucy, my eldest, out to clean out our blue wagon, she returned with it in her arms.

Said I, "Where did you find it?"

Says she with a smile, "T'was pushed under the front seat Father."

Upon the week's end of August the 13th I shall travel once again unto Fort Loudoun upon the Tenasee River. Upon further review of my schedule, I have discover'd that Loudoun will be the beginning of a TEN WEEK travel marathon!


Week One
Fort Loudoun Garrison Weekend August 13-14 Vonore, TN. 
Wherein I shall be in charge of His Majesty's Infirmary whilst Dr. Anderson is away on the King's Business.

Week Two
Battle of Blue Licks August 20-21 Mt Olivet, KY.
Wherein I shall be giving two medical lectures for the benefit of the publick and the Governess will be giving a discussion on women's fashion.

Week Three

RSATN Garden Party Rock Castle, Hendersonville TN August 28th


Week Four
Fair at New Boston September 3 & 4, 2011 Springfield, OH

Week Five
Painted Stone Settlers Long Run Massacre September 9-11 Shelbyville, KY.
Wherein I shall be giving medical lectures for the publick and the Governess will be giving a discussion on women's fashion.

Week Six
100 Years at the Falls Farnsley-Moremon Landing, September 16-18 Louisville, KY.
Where I shall again discuss discuss the Art & Mystery of my craft.

Week Seven
Muster on the Wabash September 24-25 Vincennes, IN.
Where the SECOND DOCTOR will discuss medicine and Surgery and Miss Waterman will be discussing fashion.


Week Eight

JASNA Medical Lecture Dayton, Ohio October 1st
Where the SECOND DOCTOR will discuss medicine and Surgery

Week Nine
Mississinewa 1812: October 7 - 9, 2011 Marion, IN.

Week Ten
Schoenbrunn Village Fair New Philadelphia, Ohio.
Wherein I shall be giving medical lectures for the publick.

Good Press for Nashborough

I think it makes me look a bit like an old Communist propaganda poster. :)

The local paper has posted a lovely article about the big day out at Fort Nashborough.

Thanks to everyone who came out to help breathe life into the old fort on Saturday, reenactors AND visitors. Without the guests, we'd just be weirdos in funny clothes being hot and sweaty for no purpose. 

And for those who were there, didn't the courtyard seem nice and full?

AND, be sure to visit the special GALLERY of pictures
taken by the newspaper photographer that day as well...

Nashborough Report

The large group assembled listen to one of the big-whigs from the Daughters of the American Revolution

Mayor Karl Dean spoke an assured those in attendance that Fort Nashborough was to remain where it was and would in the future as well.

The group assembled to listen to the speeches giv'n.

Some of the reenactors assembled in the effort.

It was such a joy to see the fort nice and full, just as it SHOULD be. Huzzah to the volunteers that helped fill it out!


Mayor Dean
There is to be a living history event at Fort Nashborough in downtown Nashville, TN. on July 23rd from 8am to 4pm.

The momentum has been building behind the effort to have a living history event at Nashborough. My last correspondence from the fellow running the show says that Nashville Mayor Karl Dean will be speaking there at 9am. If you are able to come out, please try to be there so the Mayor can see you. It is my personal belief that a large group in attendance at the fort will look good in the Mayor's eyes and go a LONG way toward saving Nashborough.

The hope of having this event on Saturday is that the pubic and the city will see the value in rebooting the historical interpretation at the site and that eventually some of us might be called in to train a core group of volunteers to run the place in the future.

Upon talking to my mother about the event recently, I discovered that SHE HERSELF was a costumed tourguide at the fort just before I was born. Perhaps I was destined to become the Doctor from the womb because of her exposure to Fort Nashborough?

Hopes are high that this initial event will be the beginning of great things for Fort Nashborough, but if there isn't a large public turnout, I suspect that it will be all for nothing. SO I shall encourage you all once again... come out for a visit, bring the kids, bring a friend... when you're finished with your tour of the fort, mill around downtown. There are tons of things to do and see.

Nashville really IS a great city, why not start a tour of it by paying homage to where it all began? Fort Nashborough!


I have been invited to participate in an event I thought I would never see.

There is to be a living history event at Fort Nashborough in downtown Nashville, TN. on July 23rd from 8am to 4pm.

I was contacted some time back to participate in my capacity as the Doctor, and by jove, wild horses could not keep me from it! I will be providing FREE programming for the event. Fort Nashborough has been in a wretched state of decay for decades, with programming money cut off by local government agencies since the 1980s. It has stood as a sorely neglected representative of the 'Mother Church' of Tennessee forts. The homeless have defiled it, the public has neglected it and the city government would rather get rid of it and have the real estate for other "more lucrative" endeavours.

To read more about the event, be sure to check out the article in our local newspaper HERE.

Fort Nasborough in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.
 Let this be the rallying cry for our poor bedraggled friend, let us not abandon her when she needs us the most... Be sure to set aside some time on Saturday, July 23rd to come down and aid in the defense of Fort Nashborough against the 'Local Savages' in this, her darkest hour!

For the Coming Year

  HAVE mislaid my copy of 'Domestic Medicine', and cannot find it anywhere! I have searched high and low in my attempt to lay hands on it again to no avail. If I do not find it soon, I shall be forced to purchase a NEW copy, about which, I am none too pleased. I had intended to have my original copy rebound by Mr. McClintock...

On an unrelated note, I have received a good deal of correspondence of late concerning my medical presentations. There seems to be lots of interest, and I am pleased to announce that I have booked my first talk of the coming year onto my schedule.

If you are holding an event for your historic site, school, church or group, and would be interested in booking a performance, NOW is the time to act! Here are some options to consider:

Medical presentation
(a 45 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute Q&A session)
An educational first person presentation for kids and adults alike
that demonstrates and explains common surgical techniques of
the day. Topics include bleeding, dentistry, musket ball removal,
amputation, even cranial surgery.

Weekend rate
(for school or event, four one-hour long presentations)
The most economical way to custom build a weekend's worth of
education and entertainment for your guests. You may want three
medical presentations on a Saturday, then have one more on
Sunday before your event is over. Or plan two presentations per
day. The ‘Weekend rate' is an economical choice that gives you the
freedom to mix and match four separate hour-long presentations.

And between performances, The Doctor's first person
characterization continues, whether he is attending to the public
or walking about and interacting with other interpreters.

Travel and Lodging fees may also apply, please contact for details.

To schedule an appearance contact:


Boonesborough Trade Fair

Lucy has very clearly stated that she will NOT be sharing the Six Shillings with me, and Rose will not be sharing her pay as Sheriff with me. And to make matters worse, young mister Fischer, who was consigned to be my new apprentice ran off after the Court Session was over! I have legal papers, and by jove I'll sue!

The Raid in images, part II

Molly, the Doctor's Daughter.
The battle is on!
Molly, kidnapped!

After standing and walking for prolong'd periods, I soaked my feet to get some relief. By Lucy R.
After the first attack by the Indians, the settlers stay close to the station.
After 8pm, the natives attack again. By Ken Bentley
The Militia fires a volley as the sun sets. By Ken Bentley
Thanks to everyone who shared their fantastic images with me, and generally helped to make the trip to Martin's a fantastic experience for myself, the girls AND the Governess.

Additional images may be found in Mr & Mrs Cumming's journal.

The Raid at Martin's Station in images

Our little house upon the frontier. By Ken Bentley
The flowers I pick'd in the field and placed on the shelf. By Ken Bentley
Lucy and her Governess seated outside the cabin. By Ken Bentley
Paying a visit to the Martin Cabin. By Ken Bentley
A gathering at Brice Martin's Home. By Ken Bentley
Molly threatens with a piece of cane she's found. By Lucy R.
The view up the hill. By Lucy R.
Notices posted on the door of the Common House. By Lucy R.

The Girls playing 'graces' with the neighbor. By Lucy R.
A gathering of neighbours. By Ken Bentley
Rose and Sophia kidnapped!
The Doctor's daughters and their Governess taken prisoner.
The natives discuss what to do with their captives. By Russ Young
There is discussion of 'marrying off' the poor Governess. By Russ Young
Her fate, unknown...
Meanwhile, at the station, the Doctor tends the wounded. By Amy Johnson
The Surgeon's Mate. By Amy Johnson
Surgery upon the wounded. By Amy Johnson
To be continued...