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  HAVE mislaid my copy of 'Domestic Medicine', and cannot find it anywhere! I have searched high and low in my attempt to lay hands on it again to no avail. If I do not find it soon, I shall be forced to purchase a NEW copy, about which, I am none too pleased. I had intended to have my original copy rebound by Mr. McClintock...

On an unrelated note, I have received a good deal of correspondence of late concerning my medical presentations. There seems to be lots of interest, and I am pleased to announce that I have booked my first talk of the coming year onto my schedule.

If you are holding an event for your historic site, school, church or group, and would be interested in booking a performance, NOW is the time to act! Here are some options to consider:

Medical presentation
(a 45 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute Q&A session)
An educational first person presentation for kids and adults alike
that demonstrates and explains common surgical techniques of
the day. Topics include bleeding, dentistry, musket ball removal,
amputation, even cranial surgery.

Weekend rate
(for school or event, four one-hour long presentations)
The most economical way to custom build a weekend's worth of
education and entertainment for your guests. You may want three
medical presentations on a Saturday, then have one more on
Sunday before your event is over. Or plan two presentations per
day. The ‘Weekend rate' is an economical choice that gives you the
freedom to mix and match four separate hour-long presentations.

And between performances, The Doctor's first person
characterization continues, whether he is attending to the public
or walking about and interacting with other interpreters.

Travel and Lodging fees may also apply, please contact for details.

To schedule an appearance contact:


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