The day has come

Oh blessed fortune would seem to smile upon my journey today as I embark, for the weather has cleared beautifully upon this Christmas morn! I awoke and packed the last of my things into the blue wagon and am ready to depart for the snowy land to the North.

Until my return, I shall wish you a hearty 'Happy Christmas', and shall remain

Yr. most humble & Obt. Svt.
The Doctor

2 Days until Christmas

I have, with the aid of Miss Llewellyn, plotted the course Northward that I will embark upon in two days time. My destination is the land East of Lake Michigan and just to the North of the Muskegon River... the territory of the Coureur des bois, the Voyageurs.

It was this time last year when I was first introduced to their sort, and endured such conditions of cold, snow & ice I had previously thought it impossible to survive in. The conditions will undoubtedly not be much improved upon this trip, as I have received reports from reliable parties that the snow is worse than it has been in ten years. Such a journey is easily planned by the comfort of one's fire.

According to the most recent map I have of the area, which was engraved by Mr. Wm. Faden in 1777, the entire area is considered a "Province of Quebec", though whether this is still the case these three years hence remains to be seen. I have painted two red circles on the map to indicate where I am starting, the Southern most circle, and where I hope to finish, the Northern most circle. Perhaps this will give the reader an idea of the great distances involved.

9 Days before Christmas

SINCE my engagement to speak to the group of Patriots lead by Mr. Jas. Moore, I have busied myself about the task of writing, as I can do so in the relative warmth of the indoors. I sent the last of my Christmas letters out Yesterday, each written to friends with my last few ounces of walnut ink and bearing my seal upon their backs.

THE weather has been bitterly cold in this region, with snow and sleet intermittent throughout the last few weeks, and indoor activities give rise to contemplative thoughts, especially thoughts that pertain to the year nearly past. I miss my drafty little cabin, but leaving it behind has given rise to bigger things, better things, travels and success I deemed impossible before. It is my firm belief that without the support and encouragement of goode friends and loved ones, my current goode Fortune and Success would not be possible, and for that I owe a great debt of gratitude.

REST assured that the Adversity of the last year and my subsequent escape from the forted station along Mansker Creek has not soured my enthusiasm in my pursuits. To the Contrary, it has strengthened my resolve to be the best Physician possible and ply my skills to a larger audience. I lost a good number of my surgical instruments upon the occasion of my exit, but thanks to the good Surgeon R. Operia, I have a modest kit with which to work. I am currently able to demonstrate and operate with what I have on hand.

For Mssr. Roach

Dear Sir,

An example of a handwritten letter. Walnut ink on ivory 24 lb stock.

I'm especially pleased with this one. I'm sorry that the picture is so blurred... otherwise you would be able to read it.

For Paul Daiute

Tax receipt from MASS.

More For Mr. Johnson

More work for Mr. Johnson. I'm pretty sure I forged the signature of the future president of the United States... no big deal.

For Mr. Gambell

A hand written tax receipt for Mr. M. Gambell of PENN. Walnut ink on printed form with red wax seal. The Land grant comes complete with wax seal and ribbon

For Mr. Johnson

A Land Grant for Penn. dated 1760 for military service. Hand written in walnut ink on a pre printed form that I made myself. Sealed in wax and red ribbon.

Two tax receipts dated 1759, paid in Albany, NY. Each is hand written in black india ink on a pre-printed sheet and finished off with a red wax seal.

Images of identity paperwork for Mr. Jack Johnson circa 1760.

Colonial Forgeries

1.)A FINAL NOTICE letter sealed in wax done at the request of B. L. Rhodes, Museum Education Specialist at the Tennessee State Museum, now on display as part of the 'Printer's exhibit'.

2.)Rough printer's notes done at the request of B. L. Rhodes, Museum Education Specialist at the Tennessee State Museum, now on display as part of the 'Printer's exhibit'.

3.)Virgina Land Grant with ribbon and wax seal

4.)The Treaty of Holston created for the Daniel Smith Days event at Historic Rock Castle. This custom document was created on computer to be 19x24 inches with three wax seals at the bottom.

TN History for Kids/Martin's Station

I was milling about and discovered this older spot starring Wayne Milton as Daniel Boone. I've worked with Wayne several times and didn't know he did Boone, he does a great job of it.

You can find out more about Wayne as Daniel Boone here:

SAR Christmas engagement

On Monday, December 1st, the Charles Duncan Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution gathered at the historic Mariah’s 1818 restaurant in Bowling Green, Kentucky for their annual Christmas dinner. Despite some cold weather and snow flurries, the chapter filled a banquet room to enjoy some great food, fellowship and a fascinating presentation by Albert “The Doctor” Roberts on the life of an itinerant 18th century physician. “The Doctor” lost his amputation saw in a skirmish with some of the local natives, but kept us entertained nonetheless with tales of frontier medicine. We were reminded of the hardships and sacrifices made by our ancestors who fought in the Revolution as “The Doctor” detailed that the survivors of amputation numbered only one in four. Many thanks to “The Doctor” for gracing us with his presence.

Click here to view photos from the dinner...

If your weren't there you missed a great one.

James Moore
President Charles Duncan Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution