For Mr. Johnson

A Land Grant for Penn. dated 1760 for military service. Hand written in walnut ink on a pre printed form that I made myself. Sealed in wax and red ribbon.

Two tax receipts dated 1759, paid in Albany, NY. Each is hand written in black india ink on a pre-printed sheet and finished off with a red wax seal.

Images of identity paperwork for Mr. Jack Johnson circa 1760.


Mrs Woffington said...

Hello Doctor - what a great blog! I recently read a novel called Ingenious Pain, by the British author Andrew Miller, and it struck me that it might interest you. The main character rises through Georgian society to become a surgeon. Should think you can get it on Amazon if you're interested - Miller writes sparingly but you get a real sense of the period.

The Doctor said...

Thank you, no I have not heard of the book, nor the author. I shall look into it!

Anonymous said...


Just received the papers and I'm very happy with your work. You charge a fair price and completed the work very timely. Thanks once again.

Best regards,