9 Days before Christmas

SINCE my engagement to speak to the group of Patriots lead by Mr. Jas. Moore, I have busied myself about the task of writing, as I can do so in the relative warmth of the indoors. I sent the last of my Christmas letters out Yesterday, each written to friends with my last few ounces of walnut ink and bearing my seal upon their backs.

THE weather has been bitterly cold in this region, with snow and sleet intermittent throughout the last few weeks, and indoor activities give rise to contemplative thoughts, especially thoughts that pertain to the year nearly past. I miss my drafty little cabin, but leaving it behind has given rise to bigger things, better things, travels and success I deemed impossible before. It is my firm belief that without the support and encouragement of goode friends and loved ones, my current goode Fortune and Success would not be possible, and for that I owe a great debt of gratitude.

REST assured that the Adversity of the last year and my subsequent escape from the forted station along Mansker Creek has not soured my enthusiasm in my pursuits. To the Contrary, it has strengthened my resolve to be the best Physician possible and ply my skills to a larger audience. I lost a good number of my surgical instruments upon the occasion of my exit, but thanks to the good Surgeon R. Operia, I have a modest kit with which to work. I am currently able to demonstrate and operate with what I have on hand.


Mrs Woffington said...

Really enjoyed your post - beautiful music, and that cabin reminds me of a bothy I camped in once in Scotland in January. Brrr!

AJ said...

This is an interesting site for me to follow. I was introduced to your site by Jon Stealey, the man who travels with the Camera Obscura. I a War of 1812 re-enactor from Fort Meigs, but am moving to Virginia in a couple of weeks. Do you travel to events with your lectures? I hope to get into Revolutionary War re-enactment this upcoming summer and perhaps find an artist to apprentice with.

Liz Llewellyn said...

Well said, Mr. ... Darcy?