The Raid at Martins 2010

May 7th - 9th 2010
Ewing, VA
10th Anniversary Event!
The raid on Martin's Station reenactment can be better described as an "on-going living history demonstration" rather than a "reenactment" by its usual definition. While the event is hosted, and coordinated by the Wilderness Road State Park, it is sponsored by the parks friends group, the activities associated with the raid and trade fair are the combined efforts of the local civic, community, and school groups, 18th century suttlers and merchants, and various military and native reenactment groups.

Prickett's Fort part 2

One of the camps under the overcast skies on Thursday afternoon.

A native watches the militia muster process.

Looking up the hill toward the fort.

The flag is brought in for the muster.

The Coffee House lady takes two of the children for a ride in her cart.

Prickett's Fort

The Doctor gives his presentation on Surgery to the assembled at Prickett's Fort.

The community supper on Friday evening.

The Militia musters on Saturday afternoon.

Capt. Kobuck examines the men.

I examine the health of the men to make certain they are qualified to serve. 

Going over my notes. I had concerns about several of the men I examined.

Molly with her new friends.