A sampler of event posters for various historical sites, designed by your friendly neighborhood Doctor. The final printed versions of each of these is 11"x17" or 8.5"x11". Click on image to enlarge.

At the 2008 Tennessee Association of Museums Conference in Jackson, the poster for Historic Mansker's Station's 2007 Colonial Fair won a "Commendation for Superlative Achievement." The poster was, in their words, "instrumental in the overall look, theme, and feel of Colonial Fair." 

Faces of the Frontier

I have just returned from the Faces of the Frontier held at Blue Licks in Kentucky, where, on Saturday evening, I gave a medical lecture to interested parties that had gathered there. Below you may see some of said lecture:

Performing the removal of a musket ball upon a wounded man.

We discuss the amputation of the arm just prior to the procedure...

Applying the mechanical tourniquet to slow the flow of blood to the injured limb.
The mother acts as surgeon's mate and steadies her child.

Many a patient loses their courage upon first viewing the capital amputation blade.