The Laundry

You may notice my Lucy working at the laundry there as Maggie gives her talk.

A Redesign'd Journal

My recent design-lust has seen me adjust and tinker with the look of my various journals of late. But after due consideration, I have decided NOT to tinker with this journal you currently read, but instead to redesign the Regency Doctor's Journal. I am quite pleased overall.

Tho' I had originally given up writing in the aforemention'd journal, I believe it may be time for me to give it a second go as a 'First-Person only' account of the Regency Doctor's adventures. Have a look won't you?

Movie Sneak Preview Images

There was held at the Fall of the Ohio center last Thursday, a dinner and sneak preview of the Lewis & Clark movie that I took part in a while back. We had a meal and cake (disturbing pictures below), followed by a slide show and a two minute 'trailer' of the footage from the shoot. 

Posing with the "Lewis & Clark" cake. I cannot explain what a surreal experience it is to see your own face on a cake that will be consumed by the public.

The experience gets weirder when I am asked to cut the cake. On another freakish note... mine was the ONLY face that was eaten... they even spared the dog! 

From left to right: Seaman, Lewis and Clark 

Adam Mudd as Mr. Floyd 

Brian Cushing with the horse. 


Meet Capt. Freymann

I have recently come to the aid of another gentleman in the form of creating a journal such as my own for him to make use of. Captain Robt Freymann whom I discover'd in ye book of faces, was desirous to have a journal of his own.
I created all the custom graphics for the Reflections of the Past blog in a very similar manner as my own. If you are interested in having me help you create a blog of your own for a small (and very reasonable) fee, contact me today!

From the Movie Shoot Part 2

Writing in the woods 

Lewis contemplates things 

From the camp set 

Rushing my cold weather gear down to the 'winter' scene. 

The camp set at night again 

Lewis and Clark overlook the Ohio River 

The men carry things down to the boat 

Lewis and Clark supervise the boat loading, my hat didn't fit,
so in every scene with me in uniform... I'm just holding it.

Mr. Mudd and Mr. Priddy at a bit of dice between takes 

The camp set at night again 

Filming along the shoreline 

The camp as seen through the monitor 

 "Lewis & Clark' posed for LOTS of this type of picture over the weekend.

Another angle of the letter writing sequence

All images by Solid Light

The Doctor & Archery

During my past visit to the Farnsley Moremen Estate, there was held a Ladies Archery Competition, hosted by Mrs. Cooper. After the ladies had their chance to practice, Miss Waterman goaded me to give the bow a try. I did so reluctantly.

As is evidenced in this image, I do not like to receive instruction from multiple women. What can NOT be seen are Mrs. Cooper and Miss Waterman standing to the side and telling me how it should be done.

After a battery of instructions, I take aim anyway.

I manage to strike the target roughly where Napoleon's heart might be, IF he were to have one.

Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Cooper for the images.

Fall upon ye frontier

A selection of recent views to be glimpsed upon the frontier, especially for those that may not see as much colour in their Fall as they might like.

All images captured at Schoenbrunn Village by Lucy Roberts.

From the Movie Shoot

The camp set, located right next to the Clark Cabin at the Falls of the Ohio. The crew kept everything stocked, including firewood. We barely had to do anything!

The Clark Cabin overlooking the river.

Some of the guys from the film, including 'Clark & York' on the right side.

The shooting of the shaving scene on the camp set.

More behind the scenes.

The view of the Ohio River from the porch of the cabin.

The Clark Cabin with the camp set in the background.

'York & Clark'

Yours truly during an extreme closeup of my hand as I wrote in the period fashion as 'Lewis'. If you enlarge the picture to take a look at the monitor behind the cameraman, you can see what the camera sees.

During the up close shots of just my hand, I could wear my glasses so I could see what I was doing.