From the Movie Shoot

The camp set, located right next to the Clark Cabin at the Falls of the Ohio. The crew kept everything stocked, including firewood. We barely had to do anything!

The Clark Cabin overlooking the river.

Some of the guys from the film, including 'Clark & York' on the right side.

The shooting of the shaving scene on the camp set.

More behind the scenes.

The view of the Ohio River from the porch of the cabin.

The Clark Cabin with the camp set in the background.

'York & Clark'

Yours truly during an extreme closeup of my hand as I wrote in the period fashion as 'Lewis'. If you enlarge the picture to take a look at the monitor behind the cameraman, you can see what the camera sees.

During the up close shots of just my hand, I could wear my glasses so I could see what I was doing.


Lauren said...

What fun! You all look great.

Brad Bruce said...

We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us.