The Doctor & Archery

During my past visit to the Farnsley Moremen Estate, there was held a Ladies Archery Competition, hosted by Mrs. Cooper. After the ladies had their chance to practice, Miss Waterman goaded me to give the bow a try. I did so reluctantly.

As is evidenced in this image, I do not like to receive instruction from multiple women. What can NOT be seen are Mrs. Cooper and Miss Waterman standing to the side and telling me how it should be done.

After a battery of instructions, I take aim anyway.

I manage to strike the target roughly where Napoleon's heart might be, IF he were to have one.

Special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Cooper for the images.

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E. Waterman said...

My dearest Doctor,

I believe you are too harsh in your recollections of Mrs. Cooper and myself assisting you in shooting. At the time you seemed quite amused by us, though I fear it was Mrs. Cooper and I who were the most amused by the entire situation.

Yours most sincerely,

Miss Waterman