Letters for the Movies!

 was recently invited to participate in a film shoot for the Falls of the Ohio as Meriwether Lewis (of Lewis & Clark fame), and in several of the scenes they were wanting to establish that Capt. Lewis and President Jefferson were writing letters to one another in advance of the big trip. So they contacted me to have me write up a few letters in advance of the shoot, letters that would appear on screen. They also wanted me to do several up close shots of me and my hand as I wrote.

Below find the letters that I wrote as both Lewis AND Jefferson. Click each image to examine in greater detail.

 Lewis Letter page #1

 Lewis Letter page #2 and Signature. I traced the signature from
a sample of Lewis's REAL writing.

 Jefferson's Letter page #1

 Jefferson's letter page #2 with signature.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. My husband and I just visited Ft. Clatsop in Oregon. It made the L&C thing seem full circle.
Bonny Wise