From the Movie Shoot Part 2

Writing in the woods 

Lewis contemplates things 

From the camp set 

Rushing my cold weather gear down to the 'winter' scene. 

The camp set at night again 

Lewis and Clark overlook the Ohio River 

The men carry things down to the boat 

Lewis and Clark supervise the boat loading, my hat didn't fit,
so in every scene with me in uniform... I'm just holding it.

Mr. Mudd and Mr. Priddy at a bit of dice between takes 

The camp set at night again 

Filming along the shoreline 

The camp as seen through the monitor 

 "Lewis & Clark' posed for LOTS of this type of picture over the weekend.

Another angle of the letter writing sequence

All images by Solid Light


Lauren said...

This is so cool! Is this a documentary or a plotted film? Will we be able to see it or is it a local production?

Mr. Fuzzy said...

Oh his head is going to be SO big now... maybe easier to scalp then? Happy Holidays, Doc.