In the news...

Went to the flea market over the weekend and found a fantastic piece of leather to make my new belt out of... and it was a bargain. I can probably get at least two belts out of it.

Also went to an Army surplus place and found a gray wool blanket for like half the normal price, so I snatched it up too.

Going to Bill's house tonight to work on some things, and to get ready for the YULEFEST encampment this weekend. I'm excited. Hopefully, I'll have some pictures and things to share soon!

*UPDATE- new belt finished with tons of help from Bill. With a few hours and a little man-power... we turned this beauty out!
So Here's Lizzie and myself just after the October battle.

We laid a blanket out on the hill in the shade and chilled for a little while. It was great! You can even see the hole in the shoulder of my shirt.

Lizzie's a real sport for humoring me and my love of the 18th century... and she's cute in her period garb too!

For the jury

In order to be able to participate in events at Martin's Station, I required a few pictures that I might be 'juried'. Basically, they just want to have a look at you to ensure that your clothing is correct.

This picture was taken by the fireplace in the physician's cabin at Mansker's Station. Please make note that my right sleeve still has the red and black makeup from the face of the savage that I was forced to dispatch some weeks ago.

A few words about the clothing: The waistcoat was originally a light natural linen color, but I dyed it in a walnut stew and replaced the funky pewter buttons with the black leather ones that you see here. The shirt is linen, the very same shirt I started reenacting in... yikes 6-7 years ago! I recently had to have the shoulders patched where they had worn through.

And if you look at the large version of the picture, you'll see where the wax from candle making dripped all over my right shoe. God I love the 18th century!