Movie Sneak Preview Images

There was held at the Fall of the Ohio center last Thursday, a dinner and sneak preview of the Lewis & Clark movie that I took part in a while back. We had a meal and cake (disturbing pictures below), followed by a slide show and a two minute 'trailer' of the footage from the shoot. 

Posing with the "Lewis & Clark" cake. I cannot explain what a surreal experience it is to see your own face on a cake that will be consumed by the public.

The experience gets weirder when I am asked to cut the cake. On another freakish note... mine was the ONLY face that was eaten... they even spared the dog! 

From left to right: Seaman, Lewis and Clark 

Adam Mudd as Mr. Floyd 

Brian Cushing with the horse. 


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Lauren said...

How fun! Even though you were canabalized :P