2 Days until Christmas

I have, with the aid of Miss Llewellyn, plotted the course Northward that I will embark upon in two days time. My destination is the land East of Lake Michigan and just to the North of the Muskegon River... the territory of the Coureur des bois, the Voyageurs.

It was this time last year when I was first introduced to their sort, and endured such conditions of cold, snow & ice I had previously thought it impossible to survive in. The conditions will undoubtedly not be much improved upon this trip, as I have received reports from reliable parties that the snow is worse than it has been in ten years. Such a journey is easily planned by the comfort of one's fire.

According to the most recent map I have of the area, which was engraved by Mr. Wm. Faden in 1777, the entire area is considered a "Province of Quebec", though whether this is still the case these three years hence remains to be seen. I have painted two red circles on the map to indicate where I am starting, the Southern most circle, and where I hope to finish, the Northern most circle. Perhaps this will give the reader an idea of the great distances involved.

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Liz Llewellyn said...

A most excellent report, sir. I look forward to seeing you most ardently upon the morrow.