Mayor Dean
There is to be a living history event at Fort Nashborough in downtown Nashville, TN. on July 23rd from 8am to 4pm.

The momentum has been building behind the effort to have a living history event at Nashborough. My last correspondence from the fellow running the show says that Nashville Mayor Karl Dean will be speaking there at 9am. If you are able to come out, please try to be there so the Mayor can see you. It is my personal belief that a large group in attendance at the fort will look good in the Mayor's eyes and go a LONG way toward saving Nashborough.

The hope of having this event on Saturday is that the pubic and the city will see the value in rebooting the historical interpretation at the site and that eventually some of us might be called in to train a core group of volunteers to run the place in the future.

Upon talking to my mother about the event recently, I discovered that SHE HERSELF was a costumed tourguide at the fort just before I was born. Perhaps I was destined to become the Doctor from the womb because of her exposure to Fort Nashborough?

Hopes are high that this initial event will be the beginning of great things for Fort Nashborough, but if there isn't a large public turnout, I suspect that it will be all for nothing. SO I shall encourage you all once again... come out for a visit, bring the kids, bring a friend... when you're finished with your tour of the fort, mill around downtown. There are tons of things to do and see.

Nashville really IS a great city, why not start a tour of it by paying homage to where it all began? Fort Nashborough!

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