I have been invited to participate in an event I thought I would never see.

There is to be a living history event at Fort Nashborough in downtown Nashville, TN. on July 23rd from 8am to 4pm.

I was contacted some time back to participate in my capacity as the Doctor, and by jove, wild horses could not keep me from it! I will be providing FREE programming for the event. Fort Nashborough has been in a wretched state of decay for decades, with programming money cut off by local government agencies since the 1980s. It has stood as a sorely neglected representative of the 'Mother Church' of Tennessee forts. The homeless have defiled it, the public has neglected it and the city government would rather get rid of it and have the real estate for other "more lucrative" endeavours.

To read more about the event, be sure to check out the article in our local newspaper HERE.

Fort Nasborough in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.
 Let this be the rallying cry for our poor bedraggled friend, let us not abandon her when she needs us the most... Be sure to set aside some time on Saturday, July 23rd to come down and aid in the defense of Fort Nashborough against the 'Local Savages' in this, her darkest hour!

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Mr. Fuzzy said...

I hope that the temperatures drop before then!