The Raid at Martin's Station in images

Our little house upon the frontier. By Ken Bentley
The flowers I pick'd in the field and placed on the shelf. By Ken Bentley
Lucy and her Governess seated outside the cabin. By Ken Bentley
Paying a visit to the Martin Cabin. By Ken Bentley
A gathering at Brice Martin's Home. By Ken Bentley
Molly threatens with a piece of cane she's found. By Lucy R.
The view up the hill. By Lucy R.
Notices posted on the door of the Common House. By Lucy R.

The Girls playing 'graces' with the neighbor. By Lucy R.
A gathering of neighbours. By Ken Bentley
Rose and Sophia kidnapped!
The Doctor's daughters and their Governess taken prisoner.
The natives discuss what to do with their captives. By Russ Young
There is discussion of 'marrying off' the poor Governess. By Russ Young
Her fate, unknown...
Meanwhile, at the station, the Doctor tends the wounded. By Amy Johnson
The Surgeon's Mate. By Amy Johnson
Surgery upon the wounded. By Amy Johnson
To be continued...


Lauren said...

Great photos!!! Looks like a lovely event :D

Lauren R said...

I'm Cherokee and I say beat her with sticks, drag her through the mud, and tie her to a post.

Mr. Fuzzy said...

If the Doctor wasn't so tight, he could have paid a ransom for her. Better that she be sold to a trader in Detroit, me thinketh.

Carolyn said...

This type of scenario was suggested for Belleville in 2002, but we didn't have enough Indians--I can hardly wait for the sequel!

tradgardmastare said...

Excellent photos,thanks for posting them and the video...
best wishes