For the week of Jan 12.

I have been informed that my new surgical implements are on their way and I should have them in hand before the week is out. Perhaps they will even arrive before my meeting on Thursday with a group of young scholars concerning the Art & Mystery of Physick, and the importance of history.

I was informed last night by Mr. Ruley that the March militia muster at Red River Meeting House has been rescheduled to April 4th, which, upon examining my calendar, will bring it into conflict with my attempt to travel to Prickett's Fort during that same time.

Mr. T. Ruley, Parson John, and a woman I believe might be Maggie... although I have never before seen her this clean.

On to the subject of Mr. Daniel Boone, I have finished the promotional piece that I started toward the end of last year for him. I am sending it along to him for final approval before printing them en masse. I believe that this piece will lead to other design work in the 18th century community.

To see the inside of this piece, visit my creative blahg at:

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