I discovered this on Mrs. Woffington's journal today and wanted to share it with everyone. I thought the Doctor's and Surgeon's might be especially interested in having a look. Ah, if only I had enough money to purchase these treatises! I would reproduce them so that they could be shared among my collegues in the realm of Physick, and the money to be made off of such reproductions would please me to no end.

I would be VERY interested in learning what the book on Dentistry had to say about things, particularly in regard to the 'Goat's Foot Elevator' and its proper use.

This is the book from 1712 that details the procedures on amputation.
The cover that I can see clearly seems to read:

Of the Operations of
Wherein are mechanically explain'd
The CAUSES of the Diseases in
which they are needful, groun-
ded on the Structure of the Part;
their SIGN and SYMPTOMS.
Many New REMARKS after
To which is added,
A Treatise of WOUNDS and their
Proper and Methodical Dressings.
Enlarg'd with an Account of the Ban-
dages, and other Apparatus necessary in
each Operation.
Translated from the Third Edition of the ....
.......'d C........ and Revis'd by the Author,

After the author's name I am unable to read the print...

This is the treatise on Dentistry.

A special thank you to Mrs. Woffington who posted these in her own Journal!

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Mrs Woffington said...

You're most welcome! The Express & Star also ran an article on the medical book here:
Many thanks for the kind mention.