In His Majesty's service

An example of a mock up of some custom paperwork being created even as I type this. This is NOT the finished product, just a dummy to show the customer roughly what the finished piece will look like. The red circle will be the wax seal stamped with His Majesty's royal crest.

Custom paperwork is created on an individual basis from customer to customer and prices will vary depending on difficulty.

The Text reads:

This shall serve as Warrant from His Majesty the King, the Royal Governor of the New York Province, His Majesty's Secretary, the Surveyor General or a designated agent of His Majesty, to claim a tract of land suitable for a forted station in the region of the German Flats below the Little Falls of the Mohawk River. The Survey being so made as aforesaid be the better enabled to defend and protect His Majesty's interests in said region.

Therefore, Major Wm. Bennett to whom I am advised by his Majes: Council to grant His Majesty's Letters Patent, has been directed in his Majesty's Commission & Instruction, to secure the Tract of Land aforesaid, which is to be no less than 200 acres, and further ordered to build a fortified station suitable to the proper defense and protection of His Majesty's interests and property. And for so doing this shall be your sufficient Warrant.

Given under my Hand and this Seal at Arms at Fort George in the City of New York the fifteenth day of October one thousand seven hundred and fifty.

Geo. Clinton

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