Schoenbrunn Broadside

Finally finished the broadside for the first annual fair at Schoenbrunn Village. I'm very pleased with how it turned out! The overall size of the piece is 11x17 inches. Please make note that I have included Mr. Jas. Moore, the bible binder at the top left and myself a few spaces over, as we are both planning to attend this event. The three cabins pictured are three of the 17 cabins at the site, the oxen is one of Mr. G. Barker's and the native is Mr. T. Greene.

The young lady on the bottom row is Lizzie, and the white pony in the next box is her "Muffet", who recently passed away. I thought I'd put them together one last time... even if it was just in print.


Anonymous said...

For certain I am particularly fond of your work here...very special indeed, thank you. MI fan

Creative for Hire said...

Ditto, Doctor. Thanks for the best tribute ever.


Mr. Fuzzy said...

Beautiful graphic design as well as lettering and layout. The colour combinations are exquisite. How might one obtain a mint copy of said document?

In awe,
Mr. Fuzzy

The Doctor said...

Oh thanks!

They haven't actually been printed yet. I imagine they'll end up printed on some sort of ivory colored stock perhaps...

I'll let you all know when they've been printed. You might be able to lay hands on one from the Schoenbrunn Village folks.