I have had a renewed interest in sailing and tall ships since my multiple viewings of Master & Commander just before Christmas. Whilst doing some clicking about, what I do online could hardly qualify as 'research', I tripped across a new website!

While I am generally not a fan of the 'pirate' side of 18th century interpretation... especially given the penchant for the local land-locked pirates to look a little too much like a certain Mr. Depp... I discovered a group that could potentially change my mind.


These fine fellows really seem to have a heart for creating a historically accurate image of pirates from their respected eras, and not the cheezy fantasy pirates you see at sci-fi and fantasy conventions. That being said, I may have just completely alienated ANY fans that I have. Sigh.

On a completely unrelated note, 'The Doctor' turns 264 years old today! Funny, he doesn't look a day over 250 to me... but I might be a bit biased.


Mike W. said...

Congratulations on the birthday, as well as acquiring your set of new tools.

I must say however, you don't seem quite as shopworn as others of us who practice the Art & Mystery of Medicine, Physic and Surgery.....

The Doctor said...


Give me some time sir, I'm still a young fellow! :)

Chole said...

A very happy birthday to you sir!

When we have the chance to meet this coming year please allow me to introduce you to some "associates" of mine who might well change your view of the so called Pirate side of things.


Chole Black