Meet ME

Found this list on another website and thought it would be fun to do...

Astrology sign - Capricorn
Gender - Male

Eye color - Brown

Favorite color - Brown-ish or some combo of brown and blue
Glasses - Yes, since I was in Jr. High

Tattoos - No thanks

Hometown - Old Hickory
Single or taken - in a relationship

Children's names - Lucy, Molly, Rosie, Sophie


Cut your own hair?: …as a kid I seem to recall chopping out a small bit, but I was old enough to know better, and didn't take much. I occasionally will chop at my hair nowadays when it irritates me.
Did you do something in the past month that you regret?: Oh sure, a few.

Skipped school?: Yes, in high school.

Bungee-jumped?: Yes
Punched someone?: Yes

Cheated on a test : A few times in High School... Spanish was a killer!
Broken into someone’s house?: My own, several times. I'm bad about leaving my keys on the kitchen counter.

Been to a funeral?: Yes

Used a lighter?: Yes


Season - Autumn
Food - Breakfast foods
Ice cream flavor - Vanilla

Candy - Black licorice
Breakfast - I've been doing English Muffins alot of late.
Book - The Count of Monte Cristo, Band of Brothers

Song - Hmmmm, too many to name.

Place - My home.
Sport to watch on TV - Who watches sports?
Disney movie - The Toy Story movies are fun

Name for a son - Major, Sergeant, General... anything that sounds like a rank would be fun

Name for a daughter - Zuzu


Chocolate or vanilla?: Vanilla, but not just ANY vanilla...

Coffee or Tea?: Earl Grey all the way!
Dogs or cats?: CATS!

Scary movies or comedies?: Comedies, but I can't pass up a good Zombie movie!

Short or long hair on the opposite sex: Both are good depending on the gal.

Croutons or bacon bits?: Bleh! Seriously? Why is this even an option?


Chainsaws - Haunted House
School - Work

Cows - Moo
Canada - uhmm... er... uh....

Mouse - Mickey
Hand - Model


Talked on the phone?: Yes

Watched a movie?: The BBC Version of "Pride & Prejudice"

Cried?: No.
Smoked?: no

Drank a glass of water?: I think so...

Used drugs?: No

Read a book or magazine?: The Age of Agony

Watched TV?: Lots of weather and bits and pieces of Idol and Biggest Loser

Looked in the mirror?: Yes

Taken a shower?: Yes

Taken a picture?: No

Listened to music?: Yes

Told someone you love them?: Yes :)

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