A return from our Northern adventure

I have returned from the frozen North intact and in good humor thanks in no small part to the hospitality of our hosts, the Llewellyn family.

The snow was knee deep upon the roof of their home, causing no end of difficultly with leaks. With diligent attention from the master of the house, the tides were eventually abated.

Never in my life have a experienced a fog as thick as the one I bore witness to on Saturday the 27th. The landscape was covered in a thick white veil, such that I could scarcely see objects directly before me! This made travel extremely difficult and slow, so much so, that I missed my mother's wedding to the Widower, Rev. C. Fraser.

My time in the North was primarily spent in the exploration of the out of doors and the wooded area about the house. Whilst out, we spotted a large number of Turkey, Deer, Rabbit & my first Black Squirrel. And from the kitchen window, we could spot the most lovely assortment of birds as they visited the feeder in the tree just beyond.

The girls and I went for an exploratory walk in the snow, venturing into the woods across the road from the house. We wandered for a long time, following deer paths and examining footprints. The drifts finally became too deep for Sophia, so I carried her on my back. Eventually, the girls got cold and began to complain about the difficulty of traveling in the deep snow. Lucy, Rose, Sophia and I headed back for the house whilst Molly went forward with Miss Elizabeth, my brave little Molly! She said that once she had begun an adventure, she meant to finish it, so they continued on to the neighbor's house.

I carried Sophia on my back as Lucy and Rose followed. We stopped at a small structure that served as a deer blind and rested. Sophia is not a natural rider, and made the task of carrying her quite difficult. I climbed up and broke off several large icicles from the roof for each of the girls to eat, as each complained that they were thirsty. I used a long stick to draw an arrow in the snow to indicate the direction in which we were going, in the event that Miss Elizabeth and Molly were to change their minds and head back in our present direction.

We pushed onward, but the wind was fierce... so we made a detour into a vacant barn to get out of the elements. There was evidence of work having gone on there, but it had been some time past. The girls and I stayed only long enough to rest, then it was out to the road and back to the house. Sophia, who is four years old, announced that she hated snow.

On our way back to the land below the Ohio, we stopped off at Jas. Townsend and Son to pick up a new bonnet for Lucy and a few items for myself. I have therefore adjusted my Wish List accordingly. I had never before been in their shop, always having done business with them via the post and their catalogue. They are a lovely lot, very friendly and easy to do business with and would highly recommend them to all that I know.

I have recently struck up a deal with a fellow from Maine to acquire his surgical set for a reasonable sum to replace the instruments I lost upon my flight from Mansker his station. While I have been able to get by with the instruments so generously given to me by the goode Surgeon R. Operia, this new more extensive set will allow me to perform more detailed surgeries and demonstrations, as well as resuming my foray into the realm of dentistry.

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