Dried Apples and Rat Bites

More fun from 'History Bill' as he visits Rock Castle in Hendersonville. In this video, Tom Verinchick answers the door as Daniel Smith, B.L. Rhodes from the Tennessee State Museum as the printer George Roulstone, and Wayne Milton again... not as Daniel Boone, this time he's the beggar fellow.


Ninon said...

"A lot of people we've seen have tattoos, you have small tattoos, did these symbolize something?
This is er... it's just to make me handsome."

And George Roulstone with his handkerchief! Thanks, this was hilarious! :DD

The Doctor said...

Yes, I really liked the Frenchman... and if this weren't a video made for children, B.L. Rhodes (who plays Roulstone) would be telling one of his delightfully off-color period tales. He always keeps me rolling with those.