HIS Saturday past, I travelled into ye Kentuckee region to spend an evening dining with friends in the Talbott Tavern, which was established there in the Year of our Lord 1779. The evening's host was mr. D. Medley and his wife. Mr. Medley is a surveyor and map maker in the region, and brought games and entertainments of all sorts. I believe it is safe to say that a fine time was had by all in attendance.

Dinner was served, which consisted of a piece of chopped beef, potatoes and leafy greens. I was disappoint'd however to learn that the barmaid could not serve me a Guinness, as there was none to be had. I begrudgingly drank tea instead.

Miss Larner taught me how to play a dice game called 'Captain, Crew & Ship', which I lost at spectacularly. Additionally, I lost money at 'Shut the Box' to every lady assembled at the gaming table. We played several rounds of 'One & Thirty' as well, but fortunately for me, no money was exchanged.

I was feeling quite merry, so I invited the barmaid to sit on my knee so I could sing her a song. She sat, with her arm full of plates and dishes. I told her to repair to the kitchen to relieve herself of her burden, then to return to me. She did not.

There was excellent company to be had in nearly every corner of the room. There was music, in the form of mr. Hagee and another fellow providing music with guitar, violin and flute. I joined in on several occasions singing some of my favorite old sea shanties. Parson John's (seldom seen) wife surprised me when she commented afterward on how lovely she thought my voice was.

The doorstep of the Tavern.

A sampling of those assembled.

The Parson and I have a spirited debate.

A group huddled around the "Shut the Box' game.


William said...
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William said...

Well met sir! I hope you triumphed with reason as your guide in your debate. I tip my hat to your Bachanailian advenutre!