Un mystère!

HAVE, this instant rec'd TWO letters from the post rider, 'tis a busy day indeed! One folded rather small and seal'd in a lovely blue wax, I opened it, only to discover that it is written entirely in French! The hand is that of a woman, but the contents are a mystery... perhaps together, fair reader, we can solve this puzzle, if you please? You will find the letter below for you to peruse at your leisure.

The letters upon my desk.

The small letter, seal'd with an "E".

The letter itself, click to read.


Bridgett McGee said...

I do not know all the words, some are hard for me to make out, dear cousin..this is my best effort for you this instant


I see you ladies obliged to appeal you have good services. My very dear and love bein ipaix? back home in san Apries? years of service in the fort. The only bit you are informed that without the love you please, that stranded without obligation dem enioyer few commodities for the chore that you sabez my toujaus? it is well ser service and made it in to address the whole man has known the island Maneri d'orleans like costume
prenmez? not paint shade of this short letter trays cordings the opportunity I am and I remain
your humble servant
Marie Angelique Bouchard
From pengucy

The Doctor said...

Zounds! I can make neither head nor tail of it.

Bridgett McGee said...

I believe that she is commending you for the new jackets that you are peddling and how it is hard for those who loves must be far away, especially the ladies... to find the means to acquire necessities. It is good thing to have a few good commodities. not sure about the reference to New Orleans custom? but, do not judge buy the shortness of the letter..
can you imagine how difficult it was for our ancestors.
the difficulties conveying the meanings

Bridgett McGee said...

tis Evelyn Bouchard, as a friend from the book of faces.

Flec said...

You may not know me, nor I you... but I was intrigued by this letter, and am fully versed in both the english and french languages. Please allow me to translate the meaning as best I can.

Good sir,

It seems that I am in the obligation of requiring your good services. My dear and loveable husband is coming back home after years of service in the forts. Certainly, you must have known of this already. I beg of you, however without any obligation on your part, to please send me some commodities for the thing that you know, and that it has always been so useful to me (this sentence is fragmented, I am sorry If I cannot convey it`s meaning for it seems to make no sense). You may adress the package to my mansion on the Isle of Orleans as is the custom.

Do not take offense of this short letter, we will have the time, I am and will remain...

Your humble and devoted servant,
Marie Angelique Bouchard de Périgny

Quebec, 18th of February 1750
By God's Grace.

I hope this answers your question, though I am left with many myself. An interesting read.