For Love-Adventures

The first bulk lot in production.

HESE are reproductions of the offerings of Mrs. Phillips in her shop at Orange Court in London. She designed them from sheep or goat's gut, pickled, scented and delicately fashioned on glass moulds by the hands of the proprietress herself. I will be providing the standard "Baudruches fines", and for the more cautious customers, the "Superfine Double" which was made from two superimposed and gummed caecums, the blind end of a sheep's bigger gut. They are to be Five dollars a piece. Contact me straight away to place your order before they run out!

When raised to the light, the device within the wrapper is reveal'd!

DISCLAIMER: These products are NOT real Prophylactics, but instead are meant to simulate a Prophylactic from the 18th century in its wrapper. They are not meant to be removed from their wrapping papers... instead, they are meant to be shown against a light for the delight, amusement and education of the Publick. Each Prophylactic comes with a sheet containing historical information about these 18th century reproductions of Mrs. Phillip's fine products.

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W. A. Mozart said...

I am happy to tell you, my excellent Friend and Doctor, that I received your letter just in time for my journey to St. Petersburg.

I thank you, and promise a letter upon my return.

Your servant,