SPENT a goodly portion of the past few days in the out of doors. The weather was unseasonably sunny and warm, glorious! I fiddled about in the garden to make ready for Spring, and worked on a project that has required my attention for a while.

I found a long branch and cut it down to about five feet in length, using a rather over-sized amputation saw made for me by a gunsmith... whose name has completely escaped me, I really am rubbish with names, for I can see his face clearly in my mind, but his name is a mystery. I met him first at Traveller's Rest some time back. Curse my overly busy brain! What WAS his name?

Then the girls and I took turns cutting the bark from its length. It doesn't seem like much, but it will aid me in my pursuits as an amateur Naturalist this year, carrying small specimen cages in the field and the like.

I have done a good deal of letter writing and receiving of late, with more promised in the near future. Currently, I am expecting letters from Bridgett McGee, the Widow Black, Jas. Moore, as well as several others who will be paying for their recent orders of Mrs. Phillips' products.

The calendar has also occupied my mind of late. With the addition of events in Kentuckee and the Indiana territory, this promises to be the busiest year for me to date. You will note that I have added several new events and locations to my Schedule.

I have begun to discover just how many of these events overlap, a singular problem that I have heard others speak of, but that has never effected me to any great degree until this present year.

And, speaking of letters, I have sent several to well placed people that should introduce me into society at Williamsburg for a trip that I have been trying to make there for several years. If I am able to secure entry, I will be going in June, around the end of that month.

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