The latest offering from the Bible Man

ONDAY last, I was the recipient of a fine gift via the post from our old friend, the Bible Binder. It was his latest volume, "The Book of Common Prayer" dated 1734. In his letter to me, mr. Moore wrote that this gift was a token of our friendship.

He is a kind and generous soul, and his work is so lovely, I would highly recommend it to anyone I know! It takes me back to when I got my first of his volumes, the New Testament. His words to me that day in the cabin were, "The Doctor should never be without it."

To that end, it may be about time to have a special box built to carry all my books about with me!

A detail of the lovely work put into this volume.

One of my favorite sections thus far, the prayers to
remember, remember the fifth of November.

The title page.

The book itself, thicker even I think than my New Testament.


Rowenna said...

You are quite right, Sir--the doctor shoudn't be without it. Being on campaign, my father only carries his Gospel of John (thanks, again, to the Bible Man!).

commonhands said...

yet again, another beautiful job! Look forward to the day I purchase my volume.