George is the lead ox for the Four Kings, Gerry Barker's oxen that appear at many Reenactments around the country. George and William are the two in the lead in the above photo.

On last Friday, George's partner William suddenly died.

When this happens, the partner usually dies also from grief. The best remedy is to get George back to doing the thing he loves, working. A replacement has been found and funds are urgently and quickly needed to help with transportation this week. Tax deductable donations can be made to this need through the Purefinder Fund ... to to the needs page.

I have spent the two last years encamped with mr. Barker and the oxen at the Fair at New Boston. They are really fantastic animals. My girls donated their collective allowances to help out their favorite 'boys'.

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Rowenna said...

So sad--awfully sorry to hear that one of Gerry's boys is gone. Our artillery unit deploys from a spot right next to them at Vincennes every year, and I enjoyed making their acquantaince and visiting every year! Hope you don't mind that I've taken a bit to repost on my blog--wanted to help get the word out. Thanks!