I have this day, set about the task of creating paperwork for mr. P. A. McClintock, Bookbiner & Stationer, whom you may recall, lately rebound one of my volumes.

Handwritten letter to a mr. Jas. McVicker, Merchant in Larne.

With LOTS of signatures at the bottom.

A trade license for mr. McClintock from Virginia, 1763.

A tax receipt for mr. McClintock.

A letter from LONDON for mr. Benn at Fort Loudoun. I will be able to deliver it into his hands when I return to the fort in March next. Notice the English postmarks.

I do not know the contents of the letter, but it bears black wax upon its back which generally means bad news is contain'd within.


The Clerk said...

Very nice work, sir!

The Clerk said...

I guess I better post some of my account books. It'll give me some "content" since I've been rather slack these months. :-)

commonhands said...

Kind Sir,

You do me honor and my family honor by bringing this letter to life. Thank you. A job well done on it and the trade and tax documents. I will be seeking your fine hand in the future for more, I assure you.


Paul A. McClintock
Bookbinder and Stationer

The Doctor said...

Mr. McClintock,

I should have your packet in the hands of the postrider very soon.