From ye Frontier of Kentuckee (UPDATED!)

This brief note from mr. Barker concerning his oxen.

The new ox is beautiful... He has no name recognition so we decided to rename him 'William Too'.

It is hard to tell yet if the others are accepting him. I drove everybody this afternoon. I'm going to try to have them out a long time tomorrow. I need to thank everyone that helped.

Another note from mr. Barker concerning his oxen.

Here is William Too (the one with the most white on him) in the off side leader slot hooked to a small log. He is intelligent, fast and not sure what these crazy people are doing to him. I think he is a good natured animal though, just not used to handling or work.

We did a second training session this afternoon and hauled some light logs. I don't think William has ever gone two miles before. He does not understand "steady" movement. George is trying to work it all out, but it is confusing for him. Maybe a little easier on Charles and James because they still have each other. You can see confusion on William's face.

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