HIS WEEK'S end I report for duty at Fort Loudoun for the first time during this present year. It is my understanding from my recent correspondence from Ensign Boggs, that Dr. Anderson will be away on the King's business, and the health of the men will be my sole responsibility.

One can only imagine the wretched state the poor infirmary will be in after being shut up for such a prolonged period. There shall be no end of sweeping and airing out of the place, not to mention dusting the great glass bottles that line every shelf. Such is the mate's lot I s'pose.

Having pockets to let, I have agreed to carry along a passenger when I travel, in an attempt to defer some of the expense of the trip. That passenger will be mr. E. Mason who lives to the West. He is an agreeable fellow whom I have met before, but have not seen in quite some time.

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