The Siege at Fort Boonesborough part 2

Saturday, Sept. 26th- I could hear the driving rains all through the night on the roof of the cabin, it refused to subside. I awoke early and dressed and watched the still falling rain from the doorway. I made my breakfast of a small biscuit and a spot of gravy.

I finally got out and gathered the blue box from the wagon and took it to the cabin mr. Farmer had set aside for my use as an office. The roads and paths were awash and made travel about the fort difficult. I splashed in newly formed creeks and rivers that flowed upon the paths and draped my pigskin apron over my head in an attempt to spare myself from some of the rain, to no avail.

The crowds of publick were light due to the falling weather, but I spoke to those that were interested enough to brave the waters.

A fortunate effect of the weather was that it seemed to ward off the impending indian attack. I suspect they did not have enough canoes to cross the soggy ground between their camps and the fort to wage an attack.

Afternoon brought a break in the rains and more publick to talk to, great numbers of them. I crowded them in and spoke to them in the largest groups I could.

It would appear that the fort has a cat lurking about, I found the door to the common house open, and there it sat, eating something I could not identify. I think I frightened it away, so I closed the door, lest it return.

I took my supper with Parson John and a very amiable group of others. We ate and made merry for several hours as the sun set. It was good to have the companionship, it was much needed.

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