Got in at sunset on friday.

Visited with Sgt Cushing and his lady-friend. The Sergeant discussed with me the idea of my joining his newly forming military unit in which I would act as the surgeon. He informed me that it would involve a change of wardrobe and I would be an OFFICER! Can you imagine it fair reader? The Doctor as an officer? Fantastic! It would be a most interesting and welcome change for certain. I already have my stylish black suit of new clothes all picked out.

Stopped by the tavern called "His Lordship's Beef", where I had taken a majority of my meals at the trade fair past and encountered a large group gathered around the cook fire. Among them was the Widow C. Black of Black's Coffeehouse. I was pleased to finally be able to make a face-to-face meeting with her.

The Widow Black and the Doctor outside mr. Boone's tent.
Image by Kathy Cummings. See additional images from the fair at Graphic Enterprises.

Afterward, I went next door to the large tent of mr. D. Boone of Kentucky.

He invited me in for a drink and discussion. I took a chair as mr. Boone lit some candles, feeling quite merry, I inform'd him that if he were to light any more candles, I would feel obliged to hold his hand and give him a kiss. mr. Boone and I laughed about this and he repeated the jest to other visitors that came and went.

I spent a rather cool evening sleeping in the wagon, wool blankets wrapped around me in the manner of a caterpillar in his cocoon. My feet were cold, but my dreams were warm.


Rowenna said...

Hello, Good Sir :) The regimental surgeon's daughter from Locust Grove here. It was good to see you at the Grove--glad I stumbled across your blog, fun reading! The winter lag is seeming wholly unappealing after the wonderful weekend in Louisville, isn't it? Best!

The Doctor said...

Ah yes! It was good to see you at Locust Grove. I am so glad you discover'd my journal here, please feel free to visit again at your leisure.