A letter to a scoundrel

India Ink on cream coloured faux linen stock.

A recently completed letter for mr. B.L. Rhodes.

The body reads:

November 12th 1763

To Mr. C. Johnson from Mr. Robt. Hubbard

Your Conduct of late has been of such a ignoble Character towards me that it must have my satisfaction. Your unwarranted Attentions towards my Wife and Daughters are of such a scandalous Nature as to cause friction, not only in my own House, but also the Community at large.

Also, Your Commentary about me was delivered in such a calculating way, so that I would not be present to address this Calumny. When I returned, You fortuitously absented Your Self so that I might not locate you. You seem more than Willing to Slander me, but not to my very Face. How dare you Sir! To violate the sanctity of my Home, Slander my good name, Cheat me of my Goods, and then retreat to a Place of Safety demands that We should meet.

The man, my Second, who hands you this Note will make the necessary arrangements for this meeting. Should you be Brave enough to appear, I will Show you the meaning of my Words.

Also, Jenny, my House Slave, is the Mother of a Mulato Child. I do not find it necessary to affix the blame upon you, as the Abomination bears your very Countenance. Know Sir I shall sell this Disgracful Creatur at the first Opportunity.

I am Sir,
Robt. Hubbard
New Bern


Bridgett McGee said...

ooo, what happened?
very well done Sir.

The Doctor said...

I am certain that I do NOT know any of the details, I was merely retained to pen the letter. From a quick reading of it, I can imagine the details to be none too pleasant.