HE Temporary officer's quarters is a small framed building that sits atop the hill next to the commander's quarters. A rectangular clapboard covered structure, that contains but a table and a large bed. The last time I was in it, I took the tick out and over-stuffed it with straw, it slept magnificently!

It overlooks the entire fort. From atop that hill, one can see the parade grounds, and all the other buildings that make up life upon the frontier. It also offers a grand view of the little indian village known as Tuskegee just outside the palisades. Beyond the rustic village lies the Tenasee River, glistening in the sun. The entire area is surrounded by mist covered hills and mountains that retreat to the edge of ones ability to see.

When last I was there, the sun had been especially cruel, and I had managed to sweat through every layer of my clothes. Linen shirt, red wool weskit and matching red wool breeches all soaked. So when my duties in the infirmary were done for the day, we slipped down the hill and out of the fort to the water's edge, where we stripped down to our shirts and shifts, and swam among the rocks near the shore.

I laid my clothes out to dry in the windows of the officer's quarters where they could be reached by the early evening breezes and laid on the overstuffed tick to sleep.


W. A. Mozart said...

Truly magnificent scenery!

Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to hear of your adventures you encounter this year.