Loudoun October Garrison part 2

Saturday October 10th- Morning came, as it is so oft wont to do, and I arose and dressed in my red woolen uniform.

A steady stream of publick came and went, asking their questions.

Two chickens escaped their pen at the top of the hill by the Commander's house and there was quite a lively bit of entertainment in watching as their keepers attempted to catch them.

Hill and Newell

I arranged Lt. Anderson's desk and chairs in the infirmary so as to be able to entertain, and shortly thereafter arrived Corporal Hill and Private Newell to play cards with the deck so graciously given to me by Pvt. Kirby. We played One & Thirty, and my luck was rather poor. At one point I grew so disgusted that I tossed the cards down on the table and one fell between the gap in the floorboards to be lost forever beneath the Infirmary.

For a bit of entertainment, I danced the "ensign" while mr. Hawkins played his pipe.

Evening brought the Cherokee peace chief "Little Carpenter" into the barracks for a visit. He sat by the fire and told stories of his people late into the night.

Little Carpenter


Anonymous said...

What is the "ensign?" I am silly, for I do not know. Would you please entertain my question?

The Doctor said...

"Ensign' refers to the limberjack toy that I recently repainted to look like the commanding officer at Fort Loudoun, "Ensign Boggs". To see the little 'ensign', examine my most recent post: