HE next event I am scheduled to attend shall be the Garrison Weekend at Fort Loudoun at the end of the month. It is my belief that I will have to leave my blue box of medical equipment with Ensign Boggs so it can be transported to Fort Niagara in July... but I do so with great trepidation.

It concerns me to do without my clever blue box for such a prolong'd period. Of course, in a closer examination of my schedule, the only event I have marked between Loudoun's May Garrison and the Niagara siege in July is the "Discussion of Religion" at the Red River Meeting House on June 20-21.

I don't suppose I'll require the tools again until July... but I worked so hard to get them, it pains me to turn loose of them. Perhaps there is another option?

I shall have to dedicate some thought to the problem.

image by Rebecca Llewellyn

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W. A. Mozart said...

The tools of a man's trade are paramount. Let go of yours with only the greatest peace of mind, my friend.