Martin's Follow-up

My trip to Martin's Station was fantastic! Even being soaked to the bone in a wig couldn't dampen my spirits or enthusiasm for this great event!

I was introduced to Wayne Milton proper, who does a variety of characters. At Martin's he was portraying Capt. Ben Logan. He'd brought a big group with him and a bevy of horses as well.

I've been around Wayne before, but we've never been introduced until this event. We even participated together in the treaty signing last year at Rock Castle.

Wayne really knows his stuff, and can fall into character at the drop of a hat. He was a blast to play off of.

Wayne Milton as Capt. Logan rushing into the fray.

God bless mr. Jack Johnson for getting some pictures of me doing the surgery, or else I would have NO images of myself at the event at all!

I had to work hard to rope volunteers into being 'wounded', but I finally got a few. I hope they had as much fun as I did at it... one guy actually volunteered to 'bite the bullet' and chewed a lead musket-ball while I operated on him. I told him he could use the leather piece I made especially for that purpose... but he said he'd chew the lead ball. "I do it all the time" he said. Yerg!

I mean, just LOOK how much fun THIS guy was having!

I love this one because I'm obviously wiping my nose as I operate. Yes, I did that on purpose!

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Bridgett McGee of Chillisquaque said...

should the good doctor be ever in need of patients in Penn's Woods, he shouldn't hesitate to contact me.
mine whole brood love to play in the 18th century.
the wee ones even know the art of spurting blood. My 9 year old is a budding entomologist and would relish the opportunity to apply leaches.