Thursday May 7- The paths that lead me over the mountains and into the valley where the station is located wound through some of the most beautiful land of God's creation. The colorful blooms of spring had giv'n way to the deep rich greens of summer in the Gap. Every creek and river brimming over their banks with the recent rains.

I felt fortunate that I did not encounter any of the local natives as I travelled, as I understand from Capt. Martin's letter that they are in quite an unsettled state.

I arrived just as the sun had fallen below the ridge that towers behind the forted station, and entered the outpost that lies some distance from the station itself. After conversing for a bit with Capt. Martin, he assigned me to an unfinished cabin nearby that he informed me had been constructed by his brother mr. Brice Martin.

The cabin was in quite a state, no chinking between the logs in the walls, and nothing but holes where the windows, doors and chimney should be. But the house had a solid roof and a floor that would aid in protecting me from the elements, which presented themselves in abundance during the evening.

I was so exhausted from my travels, I could do little but unroll my blankets onto the wood plank floor, place my meager belongings in a small pile near my head, and fall asleep.

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The Clerk said...

Head hits the plank and sleep comes instantly. Been there. . . Hope your adventure brought you home safe.

The Clerk