ARDLY a moment has passed in the last few days that my mind has not been occupied with the coming adventure to Martin his Station. Only a brief report today, there is much to be done! The skies have been watercolour shades of indigo that bleed into gray for days, all moving Eastward toward my eventual destination near the Cumberland Gap. But there has been only light rain for the past few hours, so perhaps that bodes well for my chances of staying dry whilst at Martins. This shall be my final entry into this journal until my return.

The Doctor in the Loudoun Infirmary, not yet ready for the day.

Parson John and the Doctor have a drink and share each other's company at the Beggars & Boar Tavern at Loudoun's last Trade Fair.

On an unrelated note, The fine folks at Fort Loudoun have posted a new series of images from last year's Trade Fair. Have a look!

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