HE girls and I finally managed to get out to the Bledsoe Fort Fair on Sunday. The rain had created quite the quagmire and the girls and I ended up soaked nearly to the knees in mud before leaving. Attendance seemed fair considering the weather.

Rose finally got her new dress, a lovely light green in the same style as her two older sisters. She was so proud. The hem is absolutely filthy now after a day spent running in the mud.

For myself, I purchased a new pair of stockings for the season, in a color I have never seen before. They have a very natural, walnut dyed appearance that will go well with my breeches.

Tonight I will begin to pack my gear and tools to make the trek overland to Virginia and Martin his Station. I have sent a letter ahead to let Capt. Martin know that my services as Physician and surgeon will be at his disposal upon my arrival.

Captain Joseph Martin
as portrayed by Billy Heck
image by Andy Knez

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