received word from Doc Muzzy late Monday that he would not be able to travel to Martin his Station because he has been called away to the Canadas. Bless mr. Jas. Moore who has stepped in and allowed me to take shelter with him in his camp. I was afear'd that I might have no place to lay my head upon my arrival.

I will be discussing medical practices on Friday to the young visitors that pass through. I have it on good authority that there will be a goodly number of young visitors throughout the day.

My primary concern now is that the falling weather that has been so plentiful of late will continue on into Virginia. The dark clouds and rain have been traveling Eastward toward the Gap, soaking everything in its path.


W. A. Mozart said...

This looks like a dangerous destination, my friend. Please mKe every effort to return in one piece!

The Doctor said...

Capt. Martin's forted station is very safe, and the militia will be in attendance as well. I have no doubt it will be safe.

I shall exercise caution none-the-less Herr Mozart.